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4chan Raid Master Post: Who to Block and What Tags to Stay Away From!


4chan Spam Blogs:

  • vectortofailure 
  • hobo-boy
  • burnthepasttotheground
  • imperialguard64
  • horrorical
  • zombieslayer283
  • sexycauk69
  • evolutionrevolutionus
  • slickdiamond
  • drivecdefragexe
  • pricilla20
  • fucknofeme
  • ilovetheinternettoday
  • charlhandson
  • allyforallwomen
  • blogamarie
  • luca-trulyworth
  • devdevbooday
  • random-guy-universe
  • oldsexistwhiteguy
  • ourfeminismftw
  • facesofpriviledge
  • lolimawomyn
  • renamorcen
  • fischgut 
  • burnthefuckingwitches 
  • vsuohuw, thebitchyspider, disruptive-bear, nobeoddy
  • helo-comrades-it-is-me-godzilla, nullcity, pafyu, koenigsegg-agera, will-work-for-compliments

How to Ignore and Report These Blogs:

Go to or click here. Once there, enter the URL and hit the ignore button. This will block you from seeing all the blog’s posts and block them from sending messages to you. But do not forget to report them for spam and harassment!! Once ignored, their URL will appear below. Under it, simply hit the report for spam/harassment button, and you’re done!

Things These Blogs are Tagging:

This image is of most of the tags they’re flooding.


However, they’re also spamming popular fandom tags like Free, SNK, Homestuck, Supernatural, Sherlock, etc, etc, so be careful!!

I’ve also been told that they’re spamming things like: polysexual, demisexual, lgbt, etc, etc. Again, please be careful today! 

I recommend using Xkit or Tumblr Savior so you can blacklist anything you need to.

Be careful today, please signal boost!!

EDIT: Please add anything you think should be here. Thanks!! <3   

I don’t normally go outside of Gargoyles on this blog, and this is the only time I’ll be posting about this, but please be careful about your tag searches.


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